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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 28, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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at those numbers right now, as we're talking about politics and what's going on in the debt ceiling and where republicans and democrats are trying to gain with the voters, it looks like the president right there is starting to lose some support. randi? >> yeah, certainly looks that way. got to figure out the debt ceiling along with congress and got to figure out how to bring up those poll numbers. >> no doubt. >> your next update from the best political team on television is just an hour away. that will do it for me this afternoon. cnn newsroom continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> thank you so much, randi. have a great rest of your day an hello to all of you. we'll get right to the breaking news in texas where a soldier has been arrested suspected of plotting to kill members of the u.s. army. that for you in a moment. as randi was just talking, huge day once again here in washington. i want to let you know we are expecting a vote in really just the next couple of hours here, a vote on the so-called boehner bill in the house of representatives. so it's a bill that the house speaker was still trying to whip
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up support for today, and essentially it would raise the debt ceiling and also save some $917 billion in spending over the course of the next decade, so we're keeping an eye on that as always, but first let's get to that developing story for you out of texas. an awol muslim-american soldier has been arrested near ft. hood with what the fbi is saying is a large amount of bomb-making materials. private first class naser abdo is now in custody after a sales clerk at a gun shop alerted police about this suspicious purchase. fbi agents then went on to abdo's hotel room where they found these bomb-making materials, enough apparently to make not just one but two bombs. i'll speak with the gun shop clerk, very astute man who made that crucial call to police in just a minute. definitely stand by for that. also stand by for a news conference. that's expected any minute now in killeen, texas. we'll take you there live as
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soon as that begins to be briefed and police in killeen and possibly the fbi. let's head to the pentagon and correspondent barbara starr who has been all over this this afternoon. minute by minute i know this story is changing and evolving, and you're getting more information what. can you tell us about this awol soldier and specifically what police saw in his hotel room? >> reporter: first, brooke, let me circle back for a minute. you referred to him as a muslim-american soldier. normally we don't talk about a soldier's faith in terms of a criminal story, why are we talking about it today? this man had applied to become a conscientious objector last year to the army. as a private first class and as a muslim-american he said he could not in good conscience deploy to the war zone. he did not want to be in the possible position of killing fellow muslims in the war zone, so he applied to become a conscientious objector. subsequent to that he was found by the army to have child
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pornography on his computer and he was facing court-martial charges on that and then he went awol. he turned up in texas and this very astute gun owner called police after this private first class naser abdo asked questions that didn't make sense to the gun shop owner, bought material and went away in a taxi. when he was finally stopped by police they found a good deal of material in his hotel room, as you said, enough to make two bombs. they found weapons, explosives, sugar that -- pounds of sugar that they thought might be used as an explosive enhancer and even christmas lights that they thought might be used as a timing device for some potential bombs, a lot of concern about all of this, but our sources are telling us so far they do not believe there's any tie to any terrorist organization. brooke? >> let me circle back with you to the point you were making as -- as i do remember his story.
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viewers may not remember his name, but we have some sound. i just want to play, he was interviewed by a number of media outlets including our nashville affiliate. we have sound of this man speaking about how he didn't want to go overseas based on his religious beliefs. let's just listen to that for a moment. oh, we don't have the sound, but barbara starr, to go back to your final point being -- here he is. >> i had different views on war. i had different -- i had different views on what islam as a peaceful religion allowed and did not allow. >> okay. short and sweet. here we have it. barbara, finally, he is not tied thus far from what you're hearing to any kind of, you know, larger terrorist organization. do we know yet, and i know it's so, so early, whether he was potentially a lone wolf here, or did he have help? >> reporter: at this point there's no indication he was
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working with anybody, but as you say it's very early. >> yeah. >> reporter: i think we'll all be watching this upcoming press conference from the killeen, texas police department, and we will be watching to see if the fbi is also there. what we are told is that federal charges have been filed by the time of this press conference, which is just a few minutes away, we will see fbi officials there at that press conference, if the federal charges have -- have already been filed. what will also be interesting to watch is who will exactly have jurisdiction over the case. the army was already searching for him because he was awol, he was going to be taken back to ft. campbell, kentucky, if they found him, but it may now be that if there are federal weapons charges, that may supercede all of this, and he may remain in federal hands, brooke. >> okay. barbara starr, you and i and our viewers will all be watching for that news conference. supposed to happen any minute now. i'm told that it's yet to begin. killeen, texas police will be giving it, and we'll be standing by for that. barbara starr, as always, thank
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you so much. staying on the story here now on the line is the gun store sales clerk who so astutely alerted police to this man in killeen, texas. his name is greg ebert. he's also a former law enforcement officer and greg, quite a story here and i'm sure you're being inundated by media types like me and i appreciate you taking time. on tuesday you had this awol soldier, little did you know, comes into your gun store. do me a favor and begin with his behavior. can you describe, it anything odd or pretty normal guy? >> well, the only -- the only thing that drew our attention to this young man initially is the fact that he arrived here in a taxi. after he entered the store his purchase raised a red flag with me, and when i say red flag, he bought six one-pound canisters
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of smokeless gunpowder to the counter, and then asked the manager what is smokeless powder? i thought it kind of strange that he would be buying something that he had no firsthand knowledge of. >> so you thought that was odd because he didn't know what the smokeless gunpowder was. what else? what did he ultimately walk out of your store with? >> the entire purchase consisted of the six pounds of powder help. also purchased three boxes of shotgun shells and a spare magazine for a semi-automatic pistol, but his -- just his general demeanor and the fact that he showed up in a taxi caused me to be a bit concerned about what he might be up to. >> why the taxi, greg? why is that odd? >> well, how many folks do you
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see going around town doing their shopping out of the back seat of a taxi cab? >> mm-hmm. so that was red flag number two. red flag number one was he didn't know what smokeless gunpowder was that he wanted to purchase and also that he was in a cab. beyond the purchasing there was nothing odd about his behavior. was he talking to anyone else in the store? was he quiet? >> very much to himself. as a matter of fact, the very brief exchanges that took place were kind of terse, to be honest with you. >> so like you said, you sold it all to him. he had not done anything unlawful to prevent the sale. he leaves in this cab. you don't immediately call police. you sit on this for a little while. what happens next? >> well, we -- after the young man left the store, we discussed the purchase amongst ourselves, and the manager who is a wonderful woman was just
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concerned that something might be afoot. she was uncomfortable with it, so i told her if it would help put her mind at ease that i'd call one of the lieutenants that i know at the pd and discuss it with him. that way at least the authorities would be alerted to this young man, and they could take whatever action they deemed to be appropriate. >> so having worked, sir, with killeen pd for 17 years. waco police two years and harrison county sheriff in houston, i imagine you're pretty good with the details so you're able to relay that information on to the police who then went on to his hotel room to find all the materials. this same store where you work, called guns galore, the same store where major nidal hasan bought some weapons that he used in that shooting back in 2009. i'm just curious, sir, since that point in time, did anything change within your store? is there a heightened awareness because of what happened,
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perhaps surveillance cameras, et cetera, anything different? >> well, i like to think that we're aware of all of our customers. the owner did in fact invest in a more advanced video recording system which certainly helps us, but we take the view that we have an obligation to the community to get the authorities involved any time we feel that something is afoot that just doesn't seem right. >> well, i just want to read to you from congressman carter out of texas who says thanks to a quick action by a texas gun dealer, you, sir in, alerting police to a suspicious character, we may have averted a repeat avac on our largest military installation. sir, i thank you very much. >> thank you. well, speaker of the house says he is ready to raise the
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debt ceiling and a vote could happen on the so-called boehner bill just hours from now. debate on the bill just opened up on the house floor, but senate leaders say don't waste your time. we'll take you live to washington here in just a movement also ahead, a creepy story out of florida. two beautiful women just moved to the u.s. for the summer here and enjoying their new apartment in florida until they find out someone has rigged the place with hidden cameras. back in a moment. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪
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the house of representatives just begun the debate there over this legislation to raise the debt ceiling. now this is the plan today put forth by the speaker of the house john boehner, and at last report boehner continues to twist arms among his own republicans to win enough vote to pass this thing. let's bring in joe johns here in washington. joe, let's just both listen to speaker boehner. this is when he spoke just a short time ago. >> the bill is not perfect. i've never said it was perfect. nobody in my caucus believes it's perfect, but what this bill reflects is a sincere, honest effort to end this crisis in a bipartisan way to send it to the senate where it can receive action. >> joe johns, just so we are all on the same page as succinctly as you possibly can, what does the boehner plan offer? >> okay. i will keep it short, okay, so just stay with me. >> okay. >> it's got two steps. there's a debt limit increase,
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and it would cut spending by $917 billion over ten years and then second step there. would be a second $1.6 trillion debt limit increase linked to $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction, and the two-step thing is the thing the democrats are really upset about, including the white house. they say number one that second round of cuts would be a lot harder than the first, and it would probably come around the end of the year, if not somewhere before the next election, and it would just be risky for the entire country, so that's the main thing the democrats are objecting to, the two-step thing, brooke. >> so that's the outline of the plan. as we said, in terms of votes here, joe, boehner is not saying whether he has enough votes from independents to get this thing passed but it it is appear he's made progress among the 85 freshmen who do tend to be hardline conservatives. let's list inn to one of them. >> today is important because
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this freshman class is coming together to get around a proposal, get around an idea. is this as big as we want it to go? heck no. we wanted to go bigger. we ran on going bigger, but this is the only proposal on the table that accomplishes the goals that we've set out to do. >> so joe, which republicans are still holding out? >> well, you have some republicans who have been around a long time. they have been conservative for a long time, and they are upset because they thought this was their big opportunity to really cut spending and downsize the government, and now it's looking like they are not going to get everything they want, so the speaker has said himself it's those old sort of hard line conservatives. apparently the speaker has gotten a lot of the tea party freshmen we've heard so much about to go along with him, at least in the short term, but, you know, this is sort of like herding cats at the end, and it
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will be interesting to see what kind of groups he gets under the tent, if he gets the bill passed at the end of the day. he says he doesn't have all the vote, but it sounds like he's close. >> well, as the cats are being herded, joe, minor detail here, and i say this facetiously like any legislation, right, you have to clear it in the senate, and the senate majority leader came out and said today flat out not going to happen. >> as soon as the house completes its vote tonight or this afternoon, the senate will move to take up that message that they sent to us. it will be defeated. they know that. the american people should now understand that clearly. >> so, joe, if that is what happens, here's the if, if the house passes the boehner plan, it immediately dies in the senate, then what? >> well, then you've got to figure out something else, and we do know that harry reid and mish mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, are going to get their heads together to try to come up with something at the last moment, and there's also some outlines, even in the
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boehner plan, that they might be able to use to try to give him a little face-saving maneuver there and try to get something on the president's desk at the last moment before that august 2nd self-imposed deadline. going to be tight, but, you know, they still have a few arrows in the quiver, if you will. >> okay. joe johns, thank you. as we talk republican plan, talk democrat plan, talk house, senate, what about the president? the white house says the president is saying intensely involved, that's their word, intensely involved in all of this, very much so working behind the scenes. as to the boehner legislation here that joe was just talking about, the chief white house spokesman sin sifting with five days left until this potential default, house republicans are wasting precious time. >> look, what i know about the speaker's proposal in the house right now is there are already i believe 55, 56, 57, 58 senators, democrats and republicans, who oppose it. it ain't going anywhere in the united states senate, so we need to start doing things that
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actually can pass both houses and be signed into law. >> brianna keilar live for me at the white house this afternoon. brianna, it sounds as though the folks there, where you are, they are looking beyond the boehner plan to try to influence what happens next, is that correct to say? >> reporter: that is correct to say, and we heard from jay carney. he called the boehner plan dead on arrival. he said this vote is political theater, and the white house has long said this will never get to the president's desk, although when you heard joe detail the boehner plan, brooke, the real objection here is to that second vote on the debt ceiling and how that all is orchestrated, so that really is the hiccup here, but that's also seen as really the trademark if you were to talk to white house officials of the boehner plan. right now all eyes are on capitol hill. the president has a very bare public schedule today. what we do know is at least publicly it's very vague, but we do know that there are a lot of discussions going on between the white house and congress. here's some more of what jay carney said today. >> we are having conversations
12:20 pm
at every level. i'm not going to detail the individuals who are talking to members, but you can be sure that members of the president's team are continuing the conversations that we have been having for weeks and months even, and that goes -- goes on every day. >> there is a plan. >> look, there are a variety of ways to achieve a compromise here, and we are obviously, as our members and leaders of congress are engaged in discussions about what those plans look like and what the best way forward will be as -- as the clock clicks down here, ticks down. >> reporter: so here's what to expect in the coming days absent a deal in congress. more details from the white house, from the treasury department, on who, brooke, will get paid and who will not get paid in the actual case of a default. we've heard sort of, you know, some of the more vague details
12:21 pm
coming from the white house and coming from trish rirk and i should say the white house still says, as it has, it's confident that congress will increase the debt ceiling. we expecting details on what exactly would happen if congress does not in the coming days. >> can't even begin to imagine what -- what folks are thinking within the department of treasury right now. brianna keilar, live for me at the white house. thank you. and coming up next, texas starving for rain. in fact, the drought there is so bad crops are dying. wells are drying up. homes are even shifting because the ground is so baked, but relief may be on the way. chad myers joins me next.
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the state of texas, and if you're there you know this, used to very long, very hot spells, but as dry as texas has ever been, the first six months of this year are the record -- the state's driest on record, driest ever. take a look at this. crops dying in the fields. there has been no rain here in a very, very long time. what is surviving, a bumper crop of grasshoppers. take a will be at this drought map. almost every square inch of texas covered by the deepest shade of burgundy. see that? that means that the drought in texas is beyond bad, moved to the worst level which is called exceptional, and look at this. dead fish. dead fish in a dry lake bed. what this means to the average texan is a shortage of water so extreme that wells are drying up, forcing people to drill deeper. the state's aquifer is declining at an alarming rate and reservoirs are dangerously low. texas needs rain, and they need a lot of it, and that is why texas is now watching the advance of tropical storm don
12:25 pm
with great, great interest. don is moving across the gulf of mexico. chad myers here to answer some questions. i can't get over the pictures of all the dead fish. it just shows how horrific it is there. talk to me about don. will they get the rain? >> texas is worse right now than the dust bowl. >> wow. >> know the pictures and all the old film of the dust bowl. will they get rain? yes. will they get a lot? no. why? because the storm is moving quite quickly. the storm is moving at 15 miles per hour. it's growing in size, 45 miles per hour. it's not forecast at all to be a hurricane, and that's good. there's not one model that i've looked at all day that forecasts it to become a hurricane but somewhere between corpus christi and probably brownsville that makes landfall late, late tomorrow night, after midnight friday night, early saturday morning. what's the problem? look at the deficit. look at how much rain austin needs just to get back to normal, 11 inches. san antonio 12 and houston 16, and we're not going to see that kind of rainfall because although it's a great little
12:26 pm
tropical storm, that's exactly what you need, the tropical storm is moving at 20 miles per hour, so by -- you want this thing to move like at five. you want it to stop and rain for days. you don't see that. we're going to see rain and we're going to see the green, one to two, maybe some spots with three inches of rainfall but it just does not look like this little storm will be the savior for texas, and many crops in texas, even at this point can't be saved anyway. >> they would need 15 inches to erase in some cities to erase the drought level. >> slowly. it needs to rain for 30 days that much. you can't get five inches of rainfall in one day and expect that to subtract from what you need. a nice slow rain. the good news is once the ground gets wet sometimes we call this in buffalo and michigan. snow makes snow. well, rain can make rain, too. once the ground gets a little bit damp, then that evaporation can happen, and then evaporation can make another shower the next
12:27 pm
day, even without don. >> well, okay. no chance don becomes a hurricane. >> hopefully brings some rain. >> it will bring rain. >> thank you very much. and now take a look at this. >> we are marshalling all resources available to us state, federal, local, both new hampshire and vermont. >> an 11-year-old girl just up and vanishes from her bedroom. her parents say they last her saw her using her computer. now authorities are searching by air, by land, by water for celina cass. those details are next. do. didn't like high school. and then i met my teacher, mr. mccooey, and that click happened. i would never have even thought about going into the engineering field if it wasn't for these ap classes, these teachers and them helping me realize that this is a major calling in my life. ♪ i didn't always know that i would like math, but now i think it'll change my life.
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we are monitoring -- that's what you're looking at in the right-hand corner of your screen. this is the police chief there in killeen, texas, regarding the awol soldier who was found and arrested now facing federal charges after they found a bevy of bomb-making materials in his hotel near ft. hood. we're going to get you the question-and-answer portion of this momentarily. let me move on and tell you this. parents, imagine this. you put your child to bed at night and the next morning your son, your daughter gone that. has happened to one set of parents in new hampshire. the fbi has joined the search for a missing 11-year-old girl. you saw her picture. that celina cass. last seen monday night in her home in west stewartson. police say there's no signs of any struggle or that someone took her and no signs that she ran away. cass' stepfather says she's a shy, quiet girl who would not leave home on her own. the girl's disappearance has
12:31 pm
shocked the town. >> in a small town like this everybody knows everybody, and it's just devastating that a little girl that age could just come up missing. >> everybody is just really worried. it's just -- everybody is in shock. >> that investigate is under way as is the investigate right now in killeen, texas. let's go live to this news conference. let's listen. >> other leads that we have, there's a followup, and i can tell you today there's still quite a bit of activity in that sense so we're trying to be careful in that sense about what's being said publicly. >> there's concern that there were two other individuals possibly involved. is that just something that was part that have standoff that kind of got mentioned? >> what happened was there was another incident in killeen involving the tactical response unit, and i think some people confused it, too. as for as we know he acted alone. still, we're going through that investigation process. >> is it military personnel? is that both on and off the base here in. >> i'm not going to get specific about it at this stage. >> what did you find in his hotel room? >> won't be able to comment on
12:32 pm
that. obviously there's items there that we feel, as well as the federal bureau of investigation, feel that federal charges should be filed, and that's why it's pending the prosecutor's office review. >> [ inaudible question ] >> i won't go into details. there's quite a bit of stuff going on. remember this, just happened so we don't have -- we don't have a lot to where we can release it until those leads were followed up on. just want to be a little bit more careful. i'll come back over this way next. >> sir, can you tell us a little bit about the tip that you got and then what was going on between the time you got the tip and the next day when he was arrested? >> well, as soon as we received the tip of suspicious activity, the officers began following up on that at the local level with ft. hood cid, and as a result that have activity one thing led to another, and as i spoke at 2:03 the following day he was in custody. >> sir, what caused the person
12:33 pm
to give you a tip? what did he or she see that caused someone to have been aroused, have their suspicion aroused in. >> i never discussed this with the person and wouldn't want to suppose anything. again, a lot of this is under investigation, so whale i'd love to go ahead and comment further, until we get further along in the investigation i don't think it would be appropriate. >> you said that military personnel were -- he must have -- perhaps he gave you some sort of confession? >> we have -- we have interviewed him, and we have the information as a result of that interview as well as other leads that we're following up on that -- >> during the interview -- >> he had me finish. >> he said i'm targeting the military. >> let me finish. that said that leads us to believe military personnel were targeted. >> what do you think of the gun store clerk's behavior? he really is the key to this whole thing. what do you want us to know about what he did and how he handled it in. >> let's just go back to the report of suspicious activity.
12:34 pm
it's important for any community throughout america to be mindful of that this this day and age of what's going on in your surroundings, and when you see something that's out of the ordinary, make sure that you report that to the local law enforcement. every national event starts at a local level, such as this, and we want to make sure that we give that information to the proper authorities, and whether you think someone acted or not or whether or not someone else has report it had, it's important to go ahead and make sure that call is placed to make sure that we give them, again, that law enforcement agency what they need to follow up on. let me go over here because i've neglected this side completely. >> where is he being held, and are there plans for transfer? >> he is currently held in the killeen city jail on site at this location. as far as where he'll go from here, we'll wait from the complaint to be returned from the proper -- from the prosecutor's office, and then we'll, based on that, we'll turn him over to whomever that might >> what's his level of cooperation?
12:35 pm
>> as far as? >> is he talking -- >> you know, that's the investigation aspect i don't really want to get into. i can say that we have interviewed him, and we've also fallen up on a lot of leads, investigative leads, and it's -- i say i moan this team that i just mentioned. there's clearly a dozen different agencies involved at the federal, state and local following up on these leads that's brought us to the conclusions that we, have and there's obviously quite a bit more that we would like to release but it's just not the right time for it. >> how close was he to pulling this off? >> that's a good question, and -- and i can tell you that we would probably be here today giving you a different briefing had he not been stopped. >> can you say there were threats beyond ft. hood? >> i won't go into the specifics. sorry, not able to do that. >> let me come back to you. go ahead. >> is he cooperating in being arrested? >> given the conditions -- given the response that we provided he
12:36 pm
didn't really have a choice. >> what was that response? what do you mean? >> well, we had officers on the location, and he was taken down rather quickly without incident. >> how many officers? >> i -- i don't have the exact number. >> did he try to run, get out a window? >> i don't have had a specific information. my knowledge is that he was taken down without incident, but it was not something that we were waiting around for his cooperation. >> do you feel confident saying that the gun store clerk saved lives? >> i think the report of suspicious activity, as i spoke earlier, is so important and that can save lives, and then you go back from -- then you move to the next level of the local law enforcement that in this particular case that followed up on the leads and just didn't ignore it, and then you look at the cooperative efforts from various agencies that came to bear on this investigation makes us a better -- a safer community, and i think that's why we're here today reporting the good news that he's behind bars.
12:37 pm
yes, sir. >> he was -- [ inaudible ] >> i don't know. that's being vetted right now. those are specifics that will be followed up, but it's just not there yet. >> is it true that this is the same gun shop where major nidal hasan purchased some of his weapons? >> i'm not commenting on specifics on who reported what and what gun shop and what have you was involved, if any. i'm not going down that road. ma'am, you had a question. >> would you classify this as a terrorism threat or terror plot? >> i would classify this as a terror plot, yes. >> chief, how long was he in killeen, do you know? >> a relatively short period of time but not factual enough to say what date he got here. obviously i can tell you the date we picked him up. >> do you know when he checked into the hotel? >> we do have that information. >> a matter of days, fair to say
12:38 pm
that? >> again, when someone, especially a suspect gives you information, there's a lot of verification that has to go on before we're willing to commit publicly what really did occur. >> do you know how he traveled here? bus? plane? >> we have reason to believe but not releasable. >> did he mention that perhaps his targets were because of his religious beliefs? >> again, that's not something we're going to go into today. sorry about that. yes, ma'am. >> have ydo you believe he's be working with anybody else? >> right now we don't have information that he was working with anybody else. that's something that the federal bureau of investigation will follow up on as well as the various investigative units. >> were the possible sites notified that they were possible targets? >> i can tell you, because military personnel were involved as far as possible target, that we've had communication with the authorities on ft. hood. general campbell is very much aware of it, had discussions personally over the phone about this incident, and so they are
12:39 pm
aware of it. obviously they are a part of the investigation, and there's a couple of representatives here today as well. yes, sir. >> do you have a good sense of the time line, what he did? have you accounted for his time from before the tip? >> that's what we're doing now. i mean, we've got some pretty good information. again, when you're given all this information and the obvious investigative efforts and teams going out collecting data, before we get ahead of ourselves we want all of that information and then we'll look at that timeline. again, i want to keep it into perspective. this is a federal investigation. >> his target was not on base at all -- >> okay. have you been listening to the chief of police there in killeen, texas, and that final piece of information, that's what i was wondering about, how he had been charged. this is a federal investigation, so private first class naser abdo is in the killeen city jail and faces federal charges. that's the jurisdiction. there's a picture of him. he's been caught. two pieces of information that i gleaned out of that news
12:40 pm
conference, as far as they know, according to police, this young man did act alone, and they are led to believe that he was targeting military personnel at ft. hood. quickly to recap. he was caught after greg ebert works we had on just a couple of minutes ago, working in this gun shop. this guy was apparently looking for a number of items, ammunition, and it was the smokeless gunpowder that sort of raised the red flag because this individual didn't know what it was. he just knew he wanted to buy, it so ultimately this -- this gun dealer, greg ebert, former officer of the law for some 20 years, called police, but that led police to his hotel room and listen quickly to what they found, pressure cooker, 18 pounds of sugar, shotgun shells, ammunition, four magazines, et cetera, as the police chief just mentioned. he's facing federal charges there. still to come, a story out of florida you've got to see to believe. these two teenage girls being watched inside their own apartment with hidden cameras, had no idea, an elaborate setup. so who is behind that?
12:41 pm
also, what's wrong with this ad, the lovely julia roberts. apparently something so bad it's being banned in britain. supermodel emme joins me when we come right back. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s
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12:43 pm
call it video voyeurism or invasion or privacy or just plain creepy. two young bulgarian women spending the summer here in theout wants to know who has been watching them after they found hidden cameras in their florida apartments. they arrived in the area to work for a florida businessman. more now from here. >> reporter: these tenants are pointing to what they see is a hidden camera placed in thai bathroom. the tenants blocked the camera view with a piece of paper. >> i'm sure that there is a camera, this is the idea to show us somewhere naked and to show what we do in the bedroom.
12:44 pm
>> reporter: these women point out another video camera attached to a wall in their bedroom. the cables run down to the floor underneath the carpet. the tenants are from bulgaria and say they have been living in the tampa apartment for about two months. >> this is terrible. i never expected that this thing could happen to me or to my friend. we just came here to spend the summer in the united states, to work here. >> reporter: the tenants say there's hidden cameras inside every bedroom of this apartment, and some of them look like smoke detectors, but a quick check of the serial number inside reveals this is a camera. the tenants say they followed the camera cables to a locked up closet and broke the lock off and say they found that the cameras were feed nothing a closed-circuit tv box connected to a wi-fi router. the tenants found the elaborate camera system days ago and called the sheriff's office.
12:45 pm
investigators confirmed they are dealing with a video voyeur case. >> i think the right people know for this, they have to make something for this not to happen to other girls and for the other people from different countries who come here. >> i just want to know what happened with our videos. i want to know the whole story because now i don't know. >> reporter: and they want the person who has been secretly watching them to be punished. in hillsboro county, josh rojas, bay news 9. >> okay. so now the man the two women came to work for his name is raj armony but both women say he asked for them to pose for pictures for pizza babe, a yet to be built website. after a disagreement over how much they were to be paid the women were fired so the women are subleasing the apartment from armony and he and his attorney are expected to meet with police this week. he's not commenting on the investigation until then. police have confiscated the
12:46 pm
cameras and are trying to track down the owner through the serial numbers. straight ahead. have you seen this ad, the one with the original pretty woman. julia roberts looking perhaps a little too pretty. the company advertising here is in hot water because of this ad. we'll tell you why and see if you agree. supermodel emme joins me coming up next. hey can i play with the toys ?
12:47 pm
sure, but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do.
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12:49 pm
what happens when the pretty woman just isn't quite as pretty as she used to be? answer, photo shop. take a good long look at this lancome ad featuring actress julia robert, looking magically younger than her real age, that being 43. is the product really that food? a british government watchdog agency says heck no, saying the ad is misleading and there's no way the lancome product can cover lines, blemishes that well. the ad is banned in great britain and lancome's parent company has admitted the photo has been photo shopped and calls the julia roberts picture as operational. so what do you think? do you think it's okay to try to return julia roberts to its pretty woman youth to sell its product, or has photo shopping
12:50 pm
gone too far? let's ask emme, a gorgeous plus-sized supermodel, author and knows the ins and outs of the beauty biz. you're laughing. what do you make of all the photo shopping here? do you think this would fly in the u.s., just banning it outright? >> i definitely don't think so but i have to say one thing. julia roberts julia roberts is gorgeous today. >> hello, 43, 44. >> gorgeous, but i just have to say that, has it gone too far? i think it's always been this way, and it took the uk parliament to put their foot down. they have a ministry of equality, where watch dogs say this is not advancing women and girls, so that's an actual huge step for the uk, and perhaps we on the other side of the pond need to take a look at that. there are commissions like the healthy media commission that academy award winning actress
12:51 pm
geena davis and deborah taylor tate are chairing, this huge initiative. trying to get their hands around this so we can control what the heck is going on. too much is going down for children. >> i want to get to the children. i'm cureual, how in the world you give your daughter a positive body image, but first let's talk about cindy crawford, her thighs have been photoshopped. kate winslet, i think she said she was airbrushed. keira knightly became brusier, even rob lowe admitting this. this is an exchange he had with my colleague piers morgan. take a look at this. >> how old are you? >> 47. >> you're a year older than me, and you look like this? >> under your suit, i know you
12:52 pm
look like that, too. >> that's the point. >> you do, too. >> do you actually look like that? >> photoshopped. >> why are we so photoshop happy. do we, the consumer, deep down do we want to see this perfect pictu picture? >> there's a bit of both. it seems like if we, as people who are the consumer, keeping on purchasing, we're letting the companies know that we approve. if the majority of the power is in females' hands, we've got to shop. letting women know that they actually have the power to change a company's direction, and how they go about promoting imagery is so incredibly shape-shifting. >> how do you teach your daughter that her thigh doesn't need to be the size of my pinky finger? >> you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. you have to hang with wonderful women who feel the same way.
12:53 pm
first thing you say how are you doing, instead of saying you look like you've lost weight? when you're eating at a dinner table, instead of enjoying this wonderful meal that's beautifully balanced, and saying i shouldn't have this or shouldn't have that, so getting rid of that kind of behavior is breaking beliefs and breaking habits, really. it's really organic, small little steps you need to take, but the bigger part is jumping on social media, letting the mom bloggers know this is how you 2350e8, and take it one step further, reaching the company and said, this went over the line, don't do this. >> i like that suggestion, not you look great, you look thinner, but how are you? >> what movie have you seen? what book have you read? >> i like that. emme, thank you so much. you're on emme nation and member of the healthy needia commission, promoting positive images, women and girls, if you out there would like information
12:54 pm
go and check it out. now, wolf blitzer just scored a big interview at the white house. we'll check in with him next. [ jelani ] neither of my parents went to college.
12:55 pm
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12:56 pm
time to go to washington, checking in with wolf blitzer. wolf, let's begin with this great get you scored at the white house, chief of staff bill
12:57 pm
d daly. >> can you hear me okay, brooke? >> i just came back from the white house. i had a chance to speak with bill dailey. he's still optimistic that there will be a deal by tuesday. that will avoid the united states going into default. he's confident in the end, the house goes through, and tomorrow, the two chambers, the leaders of the house and the senate, they'll all get together and work something out. he told me it's been a few days now, a few days in his words since the president spoke directly with john boehner. he does expect this process to get going. even though he was optimistic, by the way, brooke, there would be a deal to avert default by tuesday -- that's the treasury-imposed deadline, he couldn't guarantee that the credit ratings would reduce
12:58 pm
america's aaa rating that's been in business for decades and decades going back to 117. he says that depends on what happens over the next few days. the credit agencies will be looking very closely to see what the united states congress does. he does support, as does the president, as we all know, the nat majority leader harry reid's separate proposal that's going to come up in the senate. i don't know if that will go anywhere in the house of representatives. what's critical, he says, is to avoid any vote in a few months. at the end of this year, early next year that would put the country through this kind of wrenching debate one more time. he wants whatever they can get through, some trigger to go through a process down the road. if you go through the same process right now, that simply will be a disaster once again. they want to avoid what the boehner proposal has.
12:59 pm
>> let me ask you this, back to one of the points you're making, they're confident a deal will be reached. is that working on the presumption on behalf of the white house this boehner deal will be tabled in the senate and the reith deal will be tabled in the house? >> yes, even if boehner -- and it looks like he will have the vote necessary in the house within the next couple hours to get this passed, even if it passes the house, they don't have the votes to pass in the senate. they'll table it immediately and reject it in effect, at this point the senate majority leader's proposal could come up for a vote, but they would need 60 to pass it if one of the republican senators invokes what's called cloture. so when all is said and done, this is my takeaway from what's going on right now, brooke. we'll all be working this weekend, all watching closely
1:00 pm
what's going on. it will go down to the wire monday night or early tuesday. this is not going to be resolved until then. that's my fear not -- i like to work, but my fear is it will be a nail-biler. bill dale yeismt is optimistic they'll come up with a deal. i personally am not optimistic. i hope he's right. >> get your good sleep. as you mentioned, a lot of good folks will be working around the clock over the weekend. watch this. the house is moments away from voting, but speaker boehner, does he have the support he needs? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. zip-a-dee-doo-dah day.
1:01 pm
>> all of user here, and we'll be supporting the bill. >> that bill is not going to pass the senate. >> now the top bankers in the country are warning grave consequences ahead. little maddy mccann reportedly spotted in a remote part of the world. and this area has gotten two feet of rain in two days. if only texas could get some of that. art imat a time life for a young tv actress, a mother there daughter spat from over everything from botox to custody. and stop monkeying around. the news starts now. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin, a busy, busy thursday. i want to begin this hour with the way we ended the last, with a race to avert default. in the past hour, the house of representatives began debating this rescue plan, a plan being
1:02 pm
offered by the speaker of the house. listen. >> today is important, this freshman classes coming together to get around a proposal, get around an idea. is this as big as we wanted to go? heck no, we wanted to go bigger. we ran on going bigger, but this is the only proposal on the table that accomplishing the goals that we set out to do. >> let's go straight to capitol hill to my colleague kate bolduan. i'm guessing this could be a raucous debate. what are you hearing. >> reporter: raucous, they definitely are having fiery words, but what's happening behind is the scenes off the house floor is the real lockies effort that's continues between house speak john boehner and other leaders, working
1:03 pm
throughout the day and then this afternoon to work hard to convince their members to vote for this bill. really kind of some summer arm twisting to learn. john boehner has been holding one-on-one meetings in one of his offices as part of the lobbying effort. it's a sign they're not 100% confident that the votes are there. this could be very close. at the same time, brooke, democrats are trying just as hard to present a unanimous front of opposition to oppose this bill. listen to the number two democrat in the house, steny hoyer. >> there will in fact be bipartisan opposition to this bill, but dare i predict there will be no democrat for this bill. because bipartisanship was not sought. so i am deeply concerned that the short-term plan offered by speaker boehner would put us
1:04 pm
right back -- right back here on the precipice of imminent default in just a few months. >> a quick reality check, as we wait for the outcome of this vote. the reality is if, if this bill passes the house it will hit a big road block in the senate, as you well know. harry reid has already said they'll take up the mesh, move on it, but only move on it to set it aside. they'll do that this evening. >> so we could know the final conclusion of at least this so-called boehner plan by the end of tonight. kate bolduan, thank you. kate will be standing by for us. we'll key a close eye to the house floor during this debate. we'll bring you any lively moments as soon as we are alerted to them. a developing story in texas, an awol muss lynn-american soldier has been arrested with what the fbi says is a lot of
1:05 pm
bomb-making materials. he's in custody after a salesclerk alerted is the police about a suspicious purchase. fbi agents went to his motel room, and it was enough to make two separate bombs. we heard from the killeen, texas, police chief. we heard from him within the last hour or so, saying farce they know, killeen police, he did act alone, and they were led to believe he was targeting military personnel. let's listen to more from chief dennis baldwin of the killeen police department. >> he is currently being held in the killeen jail, as far as where he'll go from here, we'll wait for the complaint to be returned for are proper -- from
1:06 pm
the prosecutor's office, and based on that we'll turn it him over to whomever that might be. >> reporter: what is his cooperation? >> as far as? >> reporter: is he talking freely? holding back at all? >> that's an investigation aspect i don't want to get into. i can say we have interviewed him and also followed up on a lot of investigative leads. and pill mean this team i just mentioned, there's literally a dozen different agencies involved. it's just not the right time to release more. >> reporter: how close was he to building a bomb? >> good question, and i can tell you that we probably would be here today giving a different briefing, had he not been stopped. and if there's a reason perhaps his face, his name is familiar, there's a reason. bar ra starr has the details in
1:07 pm
about 20 minutes. now, though, take a look at this. >> we are marshaling or resources to us. >> an 11-year-old girl vanishes from her bedroom. her parents say they last saw her using her computer. why is the longtime host hobbling around? here's the clue -- alex trebek snapped his achilles tendon doing this. a correct response, after the break. call her. ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? um...would you mind doing it again?
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morning your son or daughter is gone. that has happened to one set of parents in new hampshire. the fbi has joined the search for celina cass. police say there are no signs of any struggle or that someone took her and no sign that she ran away. her stepfather says she's a shy, quiet girl that would not leave home on her own. it shocked the small town. >> everybody knows everybody, and it's just devastating that a little girl that age could just come up missing. >> everybody is just worried. everybody is in shock. >> family members and friends are handing out flyers with her photo. fbi agents are now helping with this investigation. >> were marshaling all resources available to us, state, federal, local, both new hampshire and vermont. the goal of this investigation is to bring celina home safely. we ask for your help and the
1:11 pm
public's help about her whereabouts on month or tuesday are encouraged to call the police. >> police are going through phone and computer reports from the girl's home. that investigation is ongoing. now, if it's happening right now, you're about to see it, rapid fire, let's go, beginning with the family of madeline mccann. they are downplaying reports that she's been seen in india. she 12k57d from portugal a couple years ago. recently an indians newspaper ran a story claiming a girl belonging to her resemblance was spotted. a regional police chief in india says he's heard nothing about that sighting. a texas judge has granted warren jeffs permission to represent himself at his trial. the jury has been sworn in. opening statements were seconded to begin last hour. jeffs says he believes for counsel can adequately serve him. sunny hostin, a friend of our show, joins us later in the hour
1:12 pm
to talk about what this means for his case. "jeopardy" host alex trebek is asking questions about an apparent tournament on crutching. >> the answer is -- at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel until my achilles tendon ruptured. >> police arrested lucinda moyer. this video out of los angeles, riot police shooting beanbags. it was supposed to be abinvitation-only premiere. a local dj tweeted about it, and his followers showed up by the
1:13 pm
hundreds. fans started throwing rocks and bottles. a number of people were -- the movie is based on the popular dance party or rave of the same name. five people are arrested. two men can be seen using a tire iron to break these glass doors. three others were reportedly waiting in a stolen car, but get this, an alarm company was watching the whole thing. they picked up the phone, called police, officers showed up and arrested everyone. dozens of ponies got a nice break. i love this picture. they swim across the channel in the pony penning in virginia. tens of thousands of people from all over the country came out to watch the tradition. after the quick swim, the ponies are sold at auction to -- the local fire department. as much as 2 inches per hour of rain falling in some parts. more of this dramatic video
1:14 pm
we're getting in at cnn. state right there.
1:15 pm
1:16 pm
time to take you globe trekking with stories overseas. beginning with a dire race against time going on to fight the devastating famine under way in somalia. the u.n.'s world food program is sending pallets of supply to mogadishu, the capital. now tens of thousands of starving people are looking for food, for water, but to make matters worse, forces are battling islamic militants to protect the flow of aid, to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. dozens of members of al shabab
1:17 pm
have been killed in the fighting, but there's fear that food could end up in the hands of these militant groups and these people could be exploited. >> we've been calling people to go to the areas, but when that happens, it means that the aid agencies will deliver aid into those areas, and al shabab will equally benefit, but also they will get cover of the people when they return. >> 100,000 have migrated to mogadishu alone. they're battling the worst drought in 60ees. a problem in south korea is too much water. the northeastern section of the country has water with nowhere to go. that's triggers mudslides. dozens of people have died. there are fears the death toll will climb even higher. our paula hancock is in seoul with more on this widespread
1:18 pm
devastation. >> reporter: three days of torrential rain, dozens of lives lost. south korea is reeling from its heaviest rain in a century, affecting all parts of society. a landslide in an affluent part of southern seoul claimed at least 18 lives. artillery unit was damaged on the nearby, the defense ministry says they are yesterday to retrieve around ten landmines planted around the base. a spokesman told reporters, "we have put up concrete blocks to prevent the land mines from floating away." a mudslide east of seoul claimed 13 lives, most of them students doing volunteer work. three workers died when their factory north of seoul collapsed. the death toll has been rising steady over the past three days. the rescue effort is ongoing,
1:19 pm
hindered by continuing rain, but the volume is easing. 12,500 military police and public servants are helping the serve and rescue operation. 5,000 in seoul alone. the president held an emergency meeting to coordinate the effort. many cars and buses have been submerged across the city of seoul. here we are on the banks of the river han. you can see it's burst its banks usually you would have 100 meters of parkland there. just in front should be a basketball court, but all you can see is the net. >> these train tracks outside seoul collapsed due to the sheer weight of water. traffic has been backed up around the city, as vital riverside motherways have been flooded and closed. this shopkeeper says, "i didn't have time to get any goods out. i won't be able to open for at
1:20 pm
least three months." creekia's meteorology cal association does believe the worst is over. then the cleanup operation can begin in earnest. paula hancock, cnn, seoul. a health care scare today for chris christie. jim acosta has the details list next. we will be right back. the eagle flies at dawn. the monkey eats custard. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor. so, you've been double crossed by other travel sites and now you want to try the real deal. yes, is it true that name your own price... even easier? affirmative. we'll show you other people's winning hotel bids. so i'll know how much to bid... ...and save up to 60% i'm in i know the lady in leather travels on three wheels. wait, is that code? that's my secret weapon...
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responsibility. what's your policy? time to take you back to washington to get our politics update with mr. jim acosta. what's the story with the new jersey governor today? is he okay? >> reporter: he is doing fine actually, brooke. he is recovers well, was checked into a hospital earlier this morning and gave the political world a pretty good scare, after the new jersey governor complained he was short of breath. his office staff responded to
1:24 pm
numerous requests from us to get to the bottom of this, and bakley explained that the governor has dealt with asthma issues over the years, this is not too out of the ordinary. he's undergone some checks and should be checking out of the hospital and back at the office friday morning. brooke, as you know, democrats are breathing easier, because he's still not running for president in 2012. somebody else who doesn't have a care in the world these days, is michele bachmann. she held a news conference earlier today, and she was asked about the prospect of the nation going into default. she said that she does not believe that the united states will lose its full faith and credit if -- if the nation does not meet this deadline that's coming up on august 2nd to raise the debt ceiling. she was peppered with numerous questions about her faith, what news magazines she reads. she says she goes for news
1:25 pm
outlet she seems to be coming from the left first. it's interesting to see she gets it across the spectrum, not just one side or the other. so some interesting comments from the minnesota congresswoman today. >> she's reading the papers. jim acosta, thanks so much. >> you bed. texas is tariffing for rain. the drought is so bad crops are drying, wells are drying up, homes are shifting because the ground is that dry. relief could be on the way. also some new details on the awol soldier arrested in texas today, just how far was he planning to go? we'll be right back.
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
a muslim american soldier arrested, dsk's accuser out in public. investors eyeing the debt debate, and texas want tropical storm don to hit the state.
1:29 pm
i want to begin at the pentagon. barbara, let's start with you in the arrest of an awol soldier. how did police catch him? >> he's private first class naser jason. they got a phone call from a gun storeowner just outside of killeen, that he was acts suspicious. they called the cops, they tracked him down and they found a slew of bomb-making material in this private first class's hotel room. he is now under arrest. >> in terms of charges, barbara, has he officially -- does she officially face federal charges yet? >> brooke, it is expected in the coming hours. he is likely to face federal charges. the local police chief just finished up a press conference. he says it's clear to them at least that this private first
1:30 pm
class was planning to attack fellow soldiers, soldiers at ft. hood, texas, and that he considers it, the police chief, a terror plot. no evidence this man was tied to any terror organization, but he is likely to face those federal charges. >> barbara starr, thank you very much. next to susan candiotti in new york, where the dsk accuser made her firsta appearance. she was out and about at this brooklyn church? >> she spoke briefly, with only about three minutes, with aening lodge of religious supporters. she said she's been called a lot of bat names, for example, labeled a hooker, she absolutely denies it, they says she and her young teenage daughter have been going through tough times, but she's here to thank people for support and say she is going to be strong and she is coming forward, because she wants to,
1:31 pm
as she put it, speak for all the women of the world. she doesn't want anything to happen to them like she says has happened to her. >> i know we were talking yesterday, they were still mid meeting, the d.a.'s office and dial diallo. >> you know, her civil lawyer is a former federal prosecutor. and he is very concerned, as is she, that the prosecutor's not going to go forward with the case. they want her to have her day in court to talk to a jury. and so they want the case to go to trial. they're trying to keep the heat on the district attorney for him to make a decision, which he hasn't done yet. >> susan, thank you. next on reporter roulette. alison kosik is always at the new york stock exchange. just about 24 hours ago we were looking at the dow was down 198 points. how is that looking today?
1:32 pm
>> we lost another 62 points today on the dow. you know what? investors remain anxious about what's going to happen here. most are thinking a debt deal can go through, xw you they're not as confident as they were a week ago. you can see that in the volatile action in the market this week. economists are saying some damage has already been done, that uncertainty over where negotiations will wind up is having a negative effect on businesses other economists say the nation's growth has already been reduced a bit. if this debate goes on, it could get much, much worse with some economists saying it could send up into another recession if this drags on. >> speaking of the de, you are looking at live debate on the house of representatives. they're debating, then will go to vote on this boehner bill, the debt bill. topic number two, ms. kosik. for ladies, it's still lonely at
1:33 pm
the top. there's a dearth of female executives. what are some governments trying to do? impose quotas? >> you know, there are women in some of the higher spots of big companies like yahoo! pepsico and phillips, but the amount is still small. there was an article that governments in europe are trying to get women into office. the european parliament put in a resolution for call 40% of board seats should be held by women by 2020, spain, france, also pass similar laws? i don't know. i'm all about working hard. what do you think? >> i'm kind of with you. you shouldn't be forced to hire someone. but go, laid yes, sir, nevertheless. alison kosik, thank you very much. finally here, a man here, chad myers, in the cnn weather center, you're tracking tropical
1:34 pm
storm don, which as we know, chad myers, there's a huge drought in texas. it's not often you hear, hey, tropical storm, we want you to come our way. >> bigger and bring it on. that's what they're saying in texas. they could use about 15 inches of very slow rain to break this dreadful drought. this is worse than any drought they have ever seen. that includes from the dust bowl days back into the 1800s when the records were started here the austin needs 11.5 inches just to break even. houston, 16 inches of rain just to get back to zero. and this storm is small. this has no potential of making that type of rainfall. it could make 3, maybe 4 inches in some spots. let me give you an idea of the size of this. here is texas.
1:35 pm
there's don. don, even if it does come in right into the forecast is somewhere around corpus christi, will spread some rainfall. the problem is not its size, but that it's moving so fast. moving at almost 15, 20 miles per hour. if it continues to move that fast, you want these things to stop and just rain for a long time. if it moves that fast, by the time, it would be in new mexico, here it comes. all the way -- the cone as we call it. almost to houston, but not quite, all the way down to brownsville. i think the storm is trying to turn up its way, but it's not, staying south to the path, so take the rainfall when you can get it. victoria, kings ranch, all those areas there, they could use a lot more. >> bring it on, chad myers. thanks so much. coming up next, a bombshell at the warren jeffs trial.
1:36 pm
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if you're thinking of buying a car, take a look at this list. you've been marinating on this? top honors among the minivans is voila, the honda odyssey. the suzuki. i hope i said that right. that's the number one. tell me this isn't headed straight for one of those tv shows with plots ripped right from today's headlines. you might recognize the young actress who stars in "gossip girl" was in "country strong." she's filed this mommy dearest lawsuit against her own mother, and sunny host hostin is on the kay. why is leigh meister suing her mom? >> it's so ugly.
1:40 pm
parent leigh is basically saying her mother is taking money that she is was giving to her for her brother's care and using it to get plastic surgery, botox, hair extensions, all sorts of things for herself. i have it right here in front of me. she sued her mother and former manager, her mother sues her back. her mother said she actually promised to pay her $10,000 a month for the rest of her life in repayment of her help in starting her daughter's career, and also accuses of her daughter hitting her with a bottle. it really, really is a clash of two very ugly lawsuits. >> i stand correctly it's lleyton meeser, am i right?
1:41 pm
so what is mom saying here? >> well, mom says it's not true, she's not taking monday earmarked for her sick son. rather she's due this money because she was her daughter's manager and helped her build this incredible career, and she is owed $10,000 a month and her dahl promised that. so it's a war of the words here. a bit of a change of are mommy dearest lawsuits usual? >> i think they are unusual, but let's face it, mommy/daughters relationships are fraught with angst. we heard of mommy dearest, remember that relationship. lindsay and lina, there have been instances of this friction. we see it all the time, don't we, brooke? >> i suppose we do. it doesn't always turn out that well. >> and after the allegations i
1:42 pm
can't imagine they'll have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner. >> that's too bad. i love my mom. >> i do, too. >> case number two, the images of these children, remember from the polyga mouse sect, the leader of this group is on trial, charged with sexually assaulting two underage girls and having more than one wife. he's delayed the start of opening statements by firing his lawyers, saying he wants to represent himself. what do you make of that? >> isn't that something? there's an old adage, he who reps himself has a fool for a client. he says certainty in ha lead. but interestingly enough, you have a right to his attorney. i think this is seven attorneys, and the judge granted his request today.
1:43 pm
6 he tried to get a continuance, but he said, no, we're going to go for opening statements. >> well, nabbed make this trial interesting to watch. and perhaps representing yourself is a foolish move. is what we're supposed to glean from that? >> i would say so. when i was a prosecutor, brook, i prosecuted some cases against defendants acting for themselves, and let me say this, they didn't win any of those cases. i don't know any defendant that has represented himself successfully. so this is going to be very interesting trial. >> we'll be talking about it, waiting for the hoping statements. sunny, thank you so much. coming up next, take a look at this. is this just an old othernary vine, or is it a divine vine? take a good long look.
1:44 pm
(screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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1:46 pm
take a look at this. this is an accident waiting to happen. it's dangling in russia. let's keep watching, because -- down it goes, not dangling anymore. you have heard of people having jesus sightings on things from toast to receipts. what about this? what about jesus on a vine? take a look, tweet me, let me know. littleton, colorado say that was jesus on a vine, looks like jesus on the cross. also people have spotted jesus
1:47 pm
in the form of a kudzu vine, another vine of jesus. how about another vine? in toledo, ohio, people claim it looks like jesus. i don't know if i see this, i guess it's just really big, pointing to a church across the street. you be the judge. sometimes new moms have trouble with this stuff. a nurse at the san diego zoo had to step in and help this newborn silver leaf monkey getting milk from the bottle. let's have the collective "ahh." the bond is strong, teeny, tiny monkey there. "the situation room" in a matter of minutes. wolf blitzer has the preview. wolf with a big interview, talking to bill daley. >> we had a good interview with him. this is a critical moment.
1:48 pm
there's only a few days before before the united states potential. we all hope it doesn't happen. potentially couldn't pay all its bills. they'll have to decide which bills to pay, which bills they won't pay. he's still optimistic there will be some sort of deal to avert this kind of disaster, though he did tell me the treasury department is finalizing contingency plans right now, which checks will be written, who will be getting their checks, which vendors, whatever, which checks won't be written, because they won't have enough money. so it's a serious issue, and of course the credit rating agencies are looking at the understanding right now. while he's confident, optimistic at the end there would be an agreement, he's not necessarily able to guarantee the triple a rating will survive. he says the boehner legislation, and we're waiting for it to vote on the house floor. in the next few minutes i think
1:49 pm
they'll start voting. it probably will pass the house, probably will not pass the senate. it might not even come up for a vote in the senate if there's a filibuster, so they've got a lot of work, the leadership of the house and the senate, between now and tuesday if they're going to avert what would really be a disaster. >> wolf blitzer, thank you. we know the debate right now is ongoing. let's look back. house of representatives, we are five days away from a potential default of the u.s. treasury. the house of representatives is debating the debt-cutting plan the plan is dead, it will be tabled in the senate should the boehner plan pass the house early this evening, senate democrats say they are prepared to bury the thing as early as tonight. let's go to washington to representative tom price, republican of georgia. congressman, good to have you on here.
1:50 pm
>> thank you so much. >> will you be a yes vote? a yay vote in terms of this boehner plan on the floor of the house? >> i tell you, absolutely, and i'll tell you why. this would allow for significant reductions in spending, allow for some spending caps, limitations, and most importantly this bill will allow for a vote on the balanced-budget amendment on the floor of the house tomorrow. we have to change the way washington does business, and this is the fundamental change that i believe people have been clamoring for, and we're excited about the opportunity to move things in the right direction. we would only hope and call on our democrat colleagues, both on the other side of the aisle in the house and on the other side of the capitol in the senate, to try to assist in a positive way as opposed to just saying no. >> senator reid has already said if it gets to us, it will be defeated. but i want to -- bankers sent this letter to the white house, and i want to quote, just part
1:51 pm
of this letter -- a default on our nation's debt obligation would be a tremendous blow to big and investor confidence, raising interest rates for everyone who borrows, undermining the value of the dollar and roiling stock and bond markets, therefore worsening our already different economic -- it's signed intel several ceos. do you think that will get much attention up there? and do you think a default, if it happens of the u.s. treasury would be a catastrophe? >> well, we're in uncharted territory, so nobody really knows that, but this is an absolutely serious matter that needs to be addressed. that's why it's confounding to us with the economy and the terrible shame it's in, with jobs being lost, why the president doesn't lead, which is what this nation is clamoring for right now in washington, is
1:52 pm
leadership. republicans on the house side, this will be the third time that they passed a solution. and then hopefully paying off the debt. it's that kind of activity that would reinvigorate and create jobs. why the other side continuing to say no, no, no, not any way will we support anything that would create jobs is beyond me. >> the other side, congressman, they have demanded higher taxes on the wealthy to help pay down the debt. your side isn't budging on that. so now it sounds, as some of these democrats may be willing to accept no tax increase up front, but down the road, that may happen if certainly debt reduction targets aren't met, a trigger mechanism. would that work for you? isms that's the kind of proposal we put on the table. we said you have to broad been the base, lower -- and harry
1:53 pm
reid, senator reid continues to bulk about what they've said before, the america people are sick and tired of washington standing in the way of their ability to get more jobs created in their communities and get their life moving in the right direction. what the republicans are doing over and over and over here in washington is putting forward solutions. not just in rhetorical language, in real legislative proposals. why the president and senator reid won't do the same thing, so that we can have an honest debate and then an honest consensus brought about, is just confounding. >> so you would be okay with higher taxes down the road? >> what i'm okay with is making certain that we reform our tax system in a positive way. for me, i'm a big fan of the national retail sales tax, doing away with the income taxes all across the board, because we've got to reinvigorate this economy, but what we need is the
1:54 pm
debate. that's why we put our budget on the table earlier this year. we believe there needs to be fundamental tax reform. you've got to get to a point where we take away the kind of incentives and favorite treatment for all sorts of entities. you have to lower the rate, broaden the base and reinvigorate this economic. we're not creating jobs, because washington is standing in the way. congressman tom price, i appreciate you stepping away from the debate going on right now. thanks for talking to me. >> thanks, brooke. a proud candidate wants the top job in the usa. too bad his campaign wasn't keeping with the whole red white and blue themes, which volunteers played an order for 2012 swag. that's political pop, and it's next.
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
now to tomorrow's news today. let's fast forward. you know the waterfall where it swept away three hikers? a report is expected tomorrow on vernal falls. a consultant is expected to report that the railings and worn signs are not sufficient also tomorrow president obama plans to unveil the latest statistics. new cars will be rirds to get
1:58 pm
54 1/2 miles per gallon, falling short of the 62 miles per gallon environment and health groups wanted. alex trebek is scheduled to undergo surgery on thinks achilles tendon. he was injured while chasing down a burglar out of his san francisco hotels room. gingrich was at his campaign headquarters thanks thanking volunteers. he's been touting his made in america message but then he had this exchange with a reporter. watch. >> reporter: we scud for t-shirt to be send to up, and i just picked up that one and it's made in el salvador. it's printed here in atlanta. it was a big thing when we talked to your campaign people about how you wanted things to be made in america.
1:59 pm
do you have plans to change things? >> i'll have to ask the folks who ordered this. >> a little awkward there. a campaign spokesperson said that order of t-shirts was a rush order made by some gingrich volunteers. if you thought you were following the white house twitter feet, thought you would be safe from pranks, check it again. someone tweeted that the discussion wasn't exciting. the white house tweeted a reply, saying fiscal policy can be important, but can be dry sometimes. here's something more fun. clicking on the link gives you this ♪ make you understand ♪ never going to give you up ♪ never going to let you down ♪ never going to run around and desert you ♪ >> if you can only see some people dancele. you've been rickrolled. it's when you unknowingly takes


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